Music Management

From International Festivals, to Global tours, our solution is music to your ears...

The music industry is genuinely 24/7. International artists and their supporting teams travel the globe recording, filming, producing and promoting.

Behind the scenes we provide a round the clock service making sure that everything is looked after for you. We manage all of your important items making sure that your costumes, garments, contracts and props are collected and delivered to your schedule, with return shipping services when you need it, all booked at the same time.

Having Worldnet offices all around the world, provides you with a truly global service and all with the added bonus that we are FACT approved - there's nothing more to be said apart from, Cameras, lights, ACTION.

Read what people are saying:

“They are fast, reliable and good with communication”

“Excellent flexibility and response times to emails and updates”

“You have great people and service. I am fully satisfied with the service, precision, timings, prices and care for me the customer. Absolutely customer focused 10/10 Worldnet. ”

Marianna, External Relations Officer
Bulgari UK