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  • London

    Head office.
    Unit 14 Coln Industrial Estate Old Bath Road,
    Colnbrook, Slough SL3 0NJ

    Tel: + 44 (0) 845 370 8000
    Fax: + 44 (0) 845 370 8005

    Email London Web
  • Paris

    Tel: + 33 155934545
    Fax: + 33 155934540

    Email Paris Web
  • Brussels

    Tel: + 32 2 751 3242
    Fax: + 32 2 751 3360

    Email Brussels Web
  • New York

    Tel: + (1) 718-244-5929
    Fax: + (1) 718-244-5930

    Email New York Web
  • LA

    Tel: + 13105689158
    Fax: + 13105689159

    Email LA Web

Read what people are saying:

“They are fast, reliable and good with communication.”
“Excellent flexibility and response times to emails and updates.”
“I am 100% confident in every shipment we give to Worldnet, we feel like an individual client. They are prompt, reliable & friendly.”
“10/10 for customer service, speed on delivery and trust.”
“Easy, straight forward they do everything possible to make shipments work.
“Ship to global destinations with ease; bookings are easily placed.”
“You complete the service we provide to elite clientele, your service is 100% tailored. You’re efficient, punctual and provide an excellent service.”
“Worldnet offer great support in reaching our clients and deliver in a short period of time.”
“Just stay the way you are, you provide a top tier service and it is great to have a company like you on board.”
“I can trust Worldnet to ensure my items are delivered with the best service possible, always seamless, you provide a seamless service with knowledge of what paperwork is needed.”
“Worldnet are: Fast, prompt, accurate and your customer service team know what they are doing, they always call to keep you informed.”
“You understand the fashion world and the importance of meeting deadlines. You are helpful at explaining how to ship and always patient. It is fantastic that I can contact you out of hours and that your worldwide offices can track shipments for us.”
“You are calm and this helps in my moments of panic, you provide solutions and give all possible scenarios in a matter of minutes.”
“Worldnet are very efficient and simple to use with excellent customer service.”
“Communicating directly with a member of the Worldnet team makes everything much simpler, all of queries are answered promptly.”
“Simple, fast, easy deliveries with great customer service.
“Always advising us on the best delivery options available and advising us if we are making the wrong decisions.”
“It’s always a pleasure to speak to a member of the Worldnet team.
“Since using Worldnet, we’ve had peace of mind knowing that our shipments will arrive on-time. We spend less time chasing shipments by phone or email.”
“I call and the phone is promptly picked up, if there is a problem with documents we are notified immediately. Great customer service.”
“Time specific collections and drop-offs, weekend deliveries are amazing for us.”
“Speaking to someone on the phone who is always super helpful and looks after my deliveries-and comes back to collect or drop off if I happen to be out. Packing my things if there is no box or time. I love my shipping company.”
“Always a pleasure to work with Worldnet and their wonderful team.”

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