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Published on Tuesday 10 April 2018

Worldnet London's fundraising day for Eden Eyre!

On the 29th of March 2018, Worldnet took part in our very own International Food Day to raise money for a Local 3-year-old girl Called Eden Eyre who is suffering from Neuroblastoma Cancer. Eden’s Parents are close friends with our Branch Manager Neil, so we put our heads together to see what our Worldnet family could do to help!  Eden’s family need to raise £200,000 In order to fly Eden to the USA for treatment. Despite Eden undergoing Chemotherapy and blood transfusions there is an 82% chance of the cancer returning without treatment in the USA.  Worldnet are among many local Schools, businesses and shops all doing their bit to help.


Our International Food Day consisted of members from the Worldnet team picking a country out of a hat and having to create a famous dish from this country. We had dishes from India, France, Italy, Sweden and many more. A very successful event, and most importantly no reports of food poisoning!


Alongside the International Food day, Worldnet thought to raise more awareness for Eden by having a Raffle consisting of some donated prizes from our amazing Customers. A huge thank you to all our fantastic clients, local contacts and business partners who donated prizes for the raffle, without your help we couldn’t have made this happen! Also, a big thank you to our Worldnet team in London who helped sell raffle tickets among family and friends, you have all truly made a difference!


Worldnet London raised an outstanding £3,160.00 for Eden and our New York office kindly added another £2000.00 donation to the cause giving Worldnet a grand total of £5160.00


Eden’s parents have a Facebook, Instagram and Just Giving page, which will be linked below if you wish to see and join Eden’s Journey.  We wish all the best to Eden and her family and we look forward to continuing Eden’s journey with her.


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