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Find out how Worldnet started

If you could imagine a successful company culture that values employee and customer happiness above all else -“and then delivers on it,” you might think of Zappos and its enigmatic CEO, Tony Hsieh who wrote the book on corporate happiness in 2013. But that would also be the key to the success of Worldnet International, the industry’s premier concierge courier company and its ebullient brother and sister founders, Richard Bhullar and Mary Bhullar.

Sixteen years before the bestselling book hit the Amazon & Kindle “shelves,” Richard and Mary opened the doors in 1997 to what has become the fastest growing and coolest luxury shipping company on the planet.   

The powerhouse duo started small in Richard’s humble Forest Hills flat, packing boxes, making sales calls, invoicing customers, and taking out the trash themselves to create a company that did things better and differently than everyone else in their field - put customer needs first – a remarkably simple, yet equally rare ingredient in the shipping industry. For eighteen years, their formula for having “fun” at work by doing something they love, hiring people as Mary said, they “like to hang out with,” and going to any lengths to please their customers has helped them through the dot-com bust, September 11, the global financial crisis and many more bumps in the road along the way.

 Worldnet’s humble beginnings, however, began decades before Richard and Mary joined forces in business in a small working-class community next to the runway at Heathrow Airport on the outskirts of London. The entrepreneurial siblings, a year apart in age, under the constant boom of jet landings and takeoffs, watched their mum, maternity nurse Patsy, work the overnight shift at a local hospital, come home to sleep for a few hours, and then go off again to clean people’s homes to feed her four children.  Patsy, in Mary’s words, “always stayed positive, strong, energized…only seeing the good in things and people.”  Said Mary, “She loved what she did – bringing life into the world.” Mary and Richard have brought mum Patsy’s devotion to service and hard work into the company culture and made it their own.  “She gave us everything we had. We wanted to make mum proud,” explained Richard.

Using $10,000 as seed capital that Patsy gave them after mortgaging her modest Heathrow home, Richard and Mary have built a global shipping company with over 100 happy employees, a select and elite clientele of the leading luxury designers and innovative brands that are shaping our world.

Worldnet Mission Statement

WorldNet is more than a logistics company – we’re a global partner dedicated to wowing our customers by moving their special shipments as if they were our own. We “serve” the most prestigious, cutting edge companies in fashion, design, technology and other creative industries that shape our culture. WorldNet is not only about the innovative products and special packages we carefully deliver to customers around the world- it takes great people who care. We are inspired to make a positive difference for our clients through our Core Values. Today, our worldwide teams of more than 150 employees are helping build a company where the best people want to work.