About Worldnet London

Find out how Worldnet started in London

Worldnet London's Managing Director John Earthey, has been involved in the courier industry since 1982 and knows what it takes to create a successful courier and shipping company.

Having dealt with first hand the benefit of great customer care, attention to detail and specialist knowledge from working within other courier companies, John knew that he could to do something to create a bespoke courier company.

Together with his business Partner Pete Jordan (who has now retired) they planned the business model first, creating the process which sets Worldnet apart from the majority of other courier companies today.

No stone was left unturned, from employing the very best staff and personnel, to creating a network of contacts with the highest customer service levels, if John was to commit, everyone else had to buy into the same company ethos - the service had to be perfect. Once all in place, John knew that he could now launch the first chapter of this successful courier story and in January 1997, Worldnet first opened its doors in London.


The team


A Reputation for great customer care soon developed within the Music, Media and Film industries and as word got around, it was evident that Worldnet London had to expand with more global offices. Some 6 months later, New York and LA simultaneously opened followed shortly by Brussels as the main European hub.

The natural progression was to then open a Paris branch, and 3 years later in 2000 Worldnet started to create niche service and solutions within high end fashion and luxury brands.

"I started out many years ago wanting to change standards and am extremely proud of how far we have come and what we have achieved. Our name is now the benchmark for customer service within the courier industry, which is a testament to a group of amazing people who work here both at worldnet London and around the world within our network. If you have a shipment to send abroad, and you care about it, the natural choice is Worldnet - because we care."

- John Earthey.